Glasgow Road – End of the Era


1977 Glasgow Road looking east wmThis photo dates from around 1976 or 1977. It’s the end of an era for Glasgow Road as many buildings lay empty and vacant, ready for demolition. Some business still traded through right up until the point of neighbouring properties being demolished.

The scene looks eastwards towards Hamilton and putting it in context, the photographer would be standing where now the hard landscaping is across from the pedestrian crossing near Asda.

Off to the left is Alpine Street, with McAlpines building the 3 storey property on the left. Across from it is the entrance to Logan Street, which would now be the entrance into Asda near the petrol station. The row of buildings on the right, previously Turners Buildings are now the Clydeview Shopping centre.

Interestingly, I think the photographer is standing on the pavement outside the closed doors of the Dookit Cinema Hall.

To those interested in other Glasgow Road photos, keep an eye out for a a few ‘fake’ old Glasgow Road photos. By this, I mean if you see b&w photos with clouds in the skies superimposed on to the blank skies of the actual old photos, then you’ll know somebody’s photo has been nicked, changed and had bad photoshopping methods applied to it. P.S You’ll only ever see original photos on this site. As they were taken. As they were intended to be shown. Amending weather, colours and features in photos is just misleading, adds nothing and frankly bends the truth and Blantyre’s actual, factual history.

Younger generations would be forgiven for completely not recognising this photo, for nothing it it remains. Not one building, not one thing! Even the tarmac, pavements and poles are different now.

The whole scene truly resembles the end of an era.

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Maureen Mccallum The little van in the picture looks like the one my mum used to drive around Blantyre when she was the district nurse .

Stephen Speirs I vaguely remember getting trousers from school (prob high waisters! – height of fashion at that time for kids/teenagers :-)) from J&A Fashions (pretty sure that was the name) around that time, and that may be one of the shops on the left here. I remeSee more

Marian Maguire Sad that Blantyre has lost its heart, asda hasn’t really helped the town, shopping centre very poor.

Jacqueline Muir I remember J & A Fashions too, think it was a corner shop if I remember correctly!

Jim McDougall Aye it’s such a shame auld Blantyre is no more . It was a Brilliant place to have been brought up in . With those majestic lovely old building’s all gone now . As Marian Maguire said Blantyre lost its heart. The powers that be destroyed our town and for what . A empty space

Elsie Chalmers Well said Jim. Blantyre, Burnbank, Hamilton sadly have all suffered from PROGRESS.

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