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Sheilding his friend

  Alfred Burnett, a miner, residing at 11 Sydes Brae, High Blantyre, was sentenced to one month’s imprisonment at Hamilton Sheriff Court on Friday 10th February 1928 for stealing a quantity of coal from the railway siding at High Blantyre. Whilst being sentenced, he also attempted to shield his friend from any sentence. Charles McGill, another […]

1961 High Blantyre Railway Station

These remarkable photos were taken by Mr. C. Towely in May 1961. They show High Blantyre’s abandoned railway station, just off Craigmuir Road, which is now the site of modern homes next to High Blantyre Old Parish Church. The view looks south. The 11 photos show excellent detail including the removed steps on the footbridge, […]

High Blantyre Station

Pictured is High Blantyre Railway Station, just off Craigmuir Road. The railway stopped to foot passengers in 1945, but this photo dates a little earlier, possibly from 1930s. Photographed from the pedestrian bridge, the scene looks Southwards towards Sydes Brae. On the left you can see Craigmuir road rising gently, the Old Parish Church just […]

High Blantyre Station 1960s

This photo dates to the 1960’s. Pictured is High Blantyre Station looking South up towards Sydes Brae. The Station is no longer there and was by the 1960’s already derelict. Some readers may recall playing there or walking along the unused rail tracks. The railway bridge in the background is now the modern East Kilbride […]