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Sheilding his friend

  Alfred Burnett, a miner, residing at 11 Sydes Brae, High Blantyre, was sentenced to one month’s imprisonment at Hamilton Sheriff Court on Friday 10th February 1928 for stealing a quantity of coal from the railway siding at High Blantyre. Whilst being sentenced, he also attempted to shield his friend from any sentence. Charles McGill, another […]

Doing ‘time’ for his son

When 2 boys from Blantyre stole coal from the bing at Craighead Colliery, their actions would have far reaching consequences for their families. There was a scene Hamilton J.P. Court on Saturday 25th June 1931, when those two boys from Blantyre finally admitted the theft of coal from the bing at Craighead Colliery. Being minors, […]