School Recollection, 1870’s

In October 1898, the Hamilton Herald published a few amusing and interesting anecdotes, which were remembered and told by Blantyre man, Alex McMillan. The newspaper paid money for anybody sending in their worthy recollections and some of Alex’s old memories are certainly worth sharing here, if only to be preserved. Like this one…..

In most of the Board Schools in Blantyre during the 1870’s and 80’s, only the headmaster was allowed to ‘cane’ the badly behaved pupils. Alex remembers going to his friend’s house after school one day. His friends mother noticed her boy was beaming with delight and asked him if he’d had a good day at school that day. Perhaps the teacher had complimented his work or behaviour? No. Too good to be true. Alex’s friend looked his mother in the eye and replied, “No, better than that! Ah wis caned by the new teacher Mr Robertson today. The heedie wis nane too pleased an Robertson got a right row!”

Illustration: by AI.

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