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1955 Craighead Greyhound Racing Track

This aerial photo from 1955 looks down on Craighead Grey hound Racing track. Later to become Blantyre speedway, the greyhounds must have been a noisy distraction for the residents of nearby Craighead Rows. (pictured in the foreground) Blantyre man Gary Doonin once told me, “Gary Doonin told me, “My grandfather bought the area and a […]

1935 Melee at Craighead Racetrack

Two miners, Robert M’Clinton, 85 Albert Buildings, and George M’Farlane, 13 George Street, both of Burnbank, Hamilton, pleaded guilty at Hamilton J.P. Court to conducting themselves in disorderly manner in the public enclosure of Craighead Greyhound Racing Track, Glasgow Road. Blantyre, on December 7th 1935, by quarrelling and fighting with each other, and committing a […]

1965 Renovation of Greyhound Track

I recently posted an article about Craighead Greyhound Racing track, formerly located in Springwells. Blantyre man Alex Rochead read the article and shared these two photos from 1965. Alex told me they were attached to an article about the renovation of the greyhound track on 19th March 1965 which had the headline, “Dog racing fans […]

Craighead Greyhound Track

Bridie Sheehan of Canada recently contacted me saying, “on viewing some aerial photos I see there was a greyhound track that abutted the Craighead Rows.  All I can find online deals with the use of this track as a motorcycle speedway starting in 1977.  Can you tell me when this was constructed as a greyhound […]