1935 Melee at Craighead Racetrack

1965 Blantyre Greyhound Stadium renovation

1965 Blantyre Greyhound Stadium renovation

Two miners, Robert M’Clinton, 85 Albert Buildings, and George M’Farlane, 13 George Street, both of Burnbank, Hamilton, pleaded guilty at Hamilton J.P. Court to conducting themselves in disorderly manner in the public enclosure of Craighead Greyhound Racing Track, Glasgow Road. Blantyre, on December 7th 1935, by quarrelling and fighting with each other, and committing a breach of the peace.

Mr George M‘Laughlin, solicitor, Hamilton, on behalf of the accused, said that another man who had already been dealt with was the cause of the trouble through losing his temper. A general melee followed in which both the accused unfortunately got involved. So far as his information went M’Farlane was the aggrieved party in this affair, while M’Clinton, who was a peaceful onlooker, had been brought into it.

The Fiscal explained that this was a very serious disturbance which might easily have led to a riot judging by the temper of the crowd. Continuing, the Fiscal added that this track was a source of great trouble to the police. Disturbances were so frequent that the owner of the track engaged the services of the police when racing took place there on Saturday nights. This was helpful, but the owner unfortunately had to stop the practice owing to the meagre attendances.

On the Saturday night in question tho police learned that disturbance had taken place at Craighead ground, and, hearing that there might be more trouble, they went there. The police had no sooner arrived than more disorder broke out. There wore about 200 people present, and women were screaming in state of terror. Accused were engaged in fighting in which feet and hands were used. The Justices sentenced M’Farlane, who admitted seven previous convictions, to 14 days imprisonment, while M’Clinton, who had one previous conviction, was fined 50s or 2 days imprisonment. Fourteen days were allowed for payment of the penalty. Pictured in 1965 is the Craighead Racetrack under renovation.

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