Glasgow Road – 1978 A short Film

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 12.15.12I’ve recently posted some great photos on Glasgow Road from 1978. These were lifted with permission from a film at the Scottish Screen Archive.

Here’s a short full colour 1 minute 20 second video of Glasgow Road 1978. People shopping, children playing, youths outside the Priory Bar, all before the demolition took place. (The film is mostly Hamilton, but if you skip to 5.00 minutes in, you’ll see it change to Blantyre. Note: The short film is STRICTLY Copyrighted to their website and despite hosting Blantyre’s History website, I was denied copying it to Blantyre Project or removing it from the website, when enquiring). So here it is shared, at their own location, for your enjoyment.

Strangely, aside from a good account by a gent called TDH on an online forum, I can’t see much ever written about Glasgow Road, its various businesses and properties. This is an area of Blantyre I’ll be giving a lot of focus on in the coming months, telling it’s proper history. Enjoy the film!

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