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1962 Last Family to leave Caldervale

I’ve previously written a few articles about Fin Me Oot, or its official title, Caldervale, the small community on the outskirts of the Parish, housing miners and their families of nearby Blantyreferme Colliery. Most accounts about Caldervale end with “it was abandoned in the 1960s”, which is correct, but until now, been rather vague. This […]

Blantyreferme Brickworks

Blantyre Ferme Brickworks was one of the more modern brickworks in Blantyre. Not built until the 1920’s the brickie was built immediately adjacent to the Blantyrefereme Colliery, just before the railway tunnel as you headed over the Blantyrefereme road to Uddingston. An access road led off from the right, which today is fenced over. The […]