1940s Fin Me Oot Baby Eddie

1940s Fin Me Oot. Baby Eddie. Shared by Alex of Spittal Terrace

1940s Fin Me Oot. Baby Eddie. Shared by Alex of Spittal Terrace

Thanks to Alex of Spittal Terrace who contacted me on 7th November 2014 enclosing a photo saying, “Excellent site Paul ! The video of Finmeoot amazed me. I walked my dog through the fields behind my house years ago. I would sometimes meet a Blantyre man with his 2 dogs. He was an encyclopedia of local knowledge but I never knew his surname alas. His first name was Eddie and he worked as a driver for Meals on Wheels before taking early retirement to look after his wife. He was brought up in Finmeoot and dropped into my house one day and gave me a photograph of it from the 1940`s.

Eddie is the baby along with his mother and grandmother. I`d stab a guess at this having been taken around the late 1930s / early 1940s given Eddies age.”

The photo is one of the clearest I have seen of how the buildings actually looked. Two storey, terraced, you can imagine the sense of community as these women washed and dryed their clothes on these open greens.

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  1. I too met Eddie with one of his collies last year ( hope the others ok) when i was walking through Caldervale. He told me all about it for about an hour. I felt guilty for asking him so many questions, since he knew so much, so said my goodbyes and said I’d see him again soon and we could chat properly about it. I’ve not seen him since and it saddens me that this piece of history could be lost without being shared by folk like Eddie

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