Caldervale Roll Call 1930

I’ve compiled a list of all the house numbers and families that lived at Fin Me Oot (Caldervale) during 1930. Many of the family heads were miners, for the houses were tied to AG Moore & Co Ltd (coalmasters) who owned nearby Blantyreferme Colliery and Brickworks. The homes were known as Caldervale Terrace and each tenant in 1930 paid an annual rent of £9 and 8 shillings.

Pictured also are the Children of Caldervale.
Caldervale Children

1 John Doyle Jnr
2 Joseph Allen
3 Patrick McGarry
4 Frank Reynolds
5 Patrick Reynolds
6 Robert Steven
7 James Quinn (labourer)
8 John Dickson Snr
9 Robert Longworth
10 Bernard McGinty
11 James Laughlan (labourer)
12 Patrick Brennon
13 Thomas Jolly
14 James Burns
15 Edward McGarry
16 Frank Green
17 Hutchison McKinnon
18 George Nicol
19 Empty
20 Rebecca Spiers (widow – housekeeper)
21 Neil McNeil
22 John Reynolds
23 Frank Milligan
24 Patrick Barkey
25 Alexander Millar (labourer)
26 Samuel Guy
27 Edward McKinnon
28 Michael McGown (labourer)
29 Edward Doyle
30 Philip McGuire
31 Michael Milligan
32 David Boyd
33 John Doyle Snr
34 Alexander McMillan
35 Patrick Doyle
36 Francis Eadie
37 William Burns
38 John Conlon
39 Thomas McGinty
40 Frank McGowan

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Marian Maguire Willie McGarry married my aunty Rose Gallagher, he was from a large fin me Oot family, and was related to the Reynolds. May he rest in peace, a lovely man.

Wullie Bell When i was calder st school there was a boy in our class his name was joseph garby very nice person


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  1. Thank you for this information. My grandfather was Patrick Steven son of Robert(number 6) and Mary Reynolds . From the tree I have a Patrick Reynolds (number 5) was Mary’s father. I’d like to visit the site one day but understand there is maybe not much to see now.

  2. My grandad was Samuel Guy who lived at no 26 .His wife and my grannie was Harriet who was said to be the lady in the village who delivered the babies when the midwife couldn’t be there.Their children were Elizabeth, Harriet who was Josephine Owens mum,Wullie who was killed in Normandy.John, Samuel and my dad Robert.I used to love my dads stories of them swimming in the swimming hole and his walks to school

  3. Monica Mc Garry Chizmadia

    Monica Mc Garry Chizmadia

    I found this and my heart smiled. My dad Gerard Mc Garry lived there, along with many of my aunts and uncles. (William and Rose mentioned in comments are my uncle and aunt) My father and the rest of the family moved to America in the 60’s. There were many stories shared with me by my family members about this hidden place. The Mc Garry clan was very large (my great granny had 13 children I believe) My Grandmother was Elizabeth Mc Garry. Eddie, Patrick and the Reynolds mentioned in the census were also my uncles. Years later I went back with my father and mother. I have a picture of him on the white bench. My father said he did enjoy living there and had wonderful memories of the River Clyde. Sadly he passed away in 2013. Willie and some others moved back to Scotland and England, the others stayed here in the US. My father would be so delighted to see this project. I plan on sharing it with the remaining clan. Thank you for sharing this!

    1. Thank you Monica. Hope this was of interest.

      1. Monica Mc Garry Chizmadia

        It was so interesting! My mother was deeply moved and cried when I showed her. We called some family members to visit the site. I also have pictures from the grammar school my dad went to in the 40’s ( I forgot the name, but we went back for his class reunion in 1995.) I also have other old pictures from around Blantyre when he was a young boy. I’ll have to go through the pictures and figure out how to upload them, but if you’re interested in them, let me know and I’ll look for them. Thanks for the reply.

  4. My grandad was sammy guy who lived at no 26 caldervale a loving person I miss him so much


    Great list of names and great photo. BTW – Did all the miners who lived on Waterloo Row all work for the same Colliery or for different ones? If so, which Colliery? Was Waterloo Row owned by a Colliery, or by the Town Council? Thanks champ.

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