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1910 Calderwood Castle

Pictured here is extraordinary resolution is Calderwood Castle. Remarkably, the photo was taken in 1910, over 105 years ago, the glass plate captured by High Blantyre photographer David Ritchie. I’ve sub divided the image up into separate areas of interest, each highlighting some detail otherwise hidden by the original image. Of particular interest are the ornate […]

1963 Lease of Greenhall to East Kilbride

29th October 1963 in the Fifth District County Minutes. A proposal was raised as what was to be done with the redundant and derelict Greenhall House. By then, in ownership of the council a note appeared in the minutes proposing to temporarily lease the House to East Kilbride Town Council, (presumably as there own offices, […]

Crossbasket Lands of East Kilbride

It may come as a surprise to people that some properties in modern day Blantyre, aren’t actually IN Blantyre Parish. i.e they are only classed as Blantyre as they’re near Blantyre. Properties like Malcolmwood Farm and Caldergrove, which although just down the Pech Brae and having a Blantyre postal address, is actually officially in Cambuslang […]