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Events Leading to creation of Crossbasket

I promise you this is all related to Blantyre. Featuring an extract from my Crossbasket Book and in my own research from scratch, the events below lead up to the creation of Crossbasket. A little more detailed that perhaps you’re used to here, but I wanted to post some extracts from this book, online. Of […]

Events leading up to Crossbasket Possession II

Exploring the events that led up to the early possession of Crossbasket Castle…..continued on from previous article. “Before we leave Mains Castle, I’d like to add a few further notes. Speaking of nearby Mains Castle, the house of the Lindsays, in particular, the ruins of it in 1793, “It is wholly in ruins,” said David Ure […]

Crossbasket Tower or Keep 1765

The 16th Century “keep” or “Tower” is located on the west of the Castle on the left hand side, as you face its entrance. This may have replaced an even older structure belonging to the Lindsay or Hamilton family, for the basement and cellars are of a noticeably older construction than the tower itself above. […]