1963 Lease of Greenhall to East Kilbride

1920s Greenhall House, High Blantyre

1920s Greenhall House, High Blantyre

29th October 1963 in the Fifth District County Minutes. A proposal was raised as what was to be done with the redundant and derelict Greenhall House. By then, in ownership of the council a note appeared in the minutes proposing to temporarily lease the House to East Kilbride Town Council, (presumably as there own offices, like much of the development of East Kilbride was taking place at that point). It stated, “Under reference to Minutes of meeting of date 26th August 1963 (Pg 440) in connection with Greenhall House being made available to East Kilbride Town Council as temporary office accommodation, the clerk submitted for consideration a draft of the proposed terms of let, which had been prepared in connection with the town clerk.”

It is known that at the start of 1964, Greenhall was still in ownership of Fifth District Council, so presumably East Kilbride Town Council never moved in for just 2 months. However, it’s clear whilst scouting the place for suitability, East Kilbride councillors had their eye on some of the remaining items in Greenhall House.

On 27th January 1964, the clerk reported that he had been approached by Councillor Marshall, of East Kilbride Town Council enquiring to the possibility of acquiring the billiard table at Greenhall, for the Westwood Parish Church Youth fete and asked for the committee to consider the request. They did and the proposal was rejected.

I can recall former owners Ean Paul and Matt Nicholson, both telling me how impressive this billiard table was, dating back to the time of the Moores in the early 20th Century. It makes me wonder what became of it, when Greenhall House eventually got demolished shortly after. Thanks to Chris Ladds for assisting with this info.

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