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History of Nimmo Family, Auchentibber Part 3 of 3

Continued from Part 2 By 1920, Jim’s quoiting skills were becoming well known and in February that year Tom Weir, of the Parkhead Club, challenged Nimmo for £100 a side. (a sum worth £4,600 in todays money!). He taunted the Auchentibber club, “Come away boys, who’ll tackle the Parkhead wonder?” A fortnight later the Auchentibber […]

1915 Kirkton Cross , High Blantyre

A wonderful previously unseen photo online. Photographed by David Ritchie, this photo dates from around 1915 (dating evidence from contemporary photos, growth of the trees and the nearby buildings). It is the clearest picture yet showing the horse water trough that used to sit inside the Wardrop Moore Arch at the Kirkyard. The Pub landlord […]