1892 Douglas Street


1892 Douglas Street 2 wm

A photo from 126 years ago! This is High Blantyre at Douglas Street in 1892, looking across to the newly constructed church halls. In the foreground is a wooden cart, likely belonging to the whitewashed smiddy adjacent. Behind it is the Kirkyard Cemetery and behind that the tenements near Kirkon’s High Blantyre Cross.

During the 1850’s the Fairservice family lived in these little old thatched, whitewashed homes. They are today buried immediately behind their old garden wall in the Kirkyard, never having moved far between life and death.

With thanks to Sandy Wilkie for sharing. Today, all of those buildings are now gone, the trees in the graveyard much, much taller and the cemetery wall realigned and repaired. The scene now looks like this:

Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 11.55.35

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Alan Baird so the back wall of the wee cottages on the the left was actually the cemetery wall then ?
Blantyre Project possibly after the smiddy was demolished, but later that decade part of the cemetery was taken to make the street wider, with large quantities of earth removed and the proper cemetery wall rebuilt.
Marian Maguire Great picture.
Blantyre Project its a cracker! Never seen it in such great resolution.

Janet Cochrane Another piece of family history revealed Neil Douglas was the brother of the great great grandfather of Jim Cochrane Had no idea of the Douglas street connection

Blantyre Project i have a fantastic photo of Neil Douglas taken at Blantyre Bowling Club

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