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1877 Colliery Disaster Illustration

This has to be one of my favourite images of old Blantyre. Crowds of people make their sorrowful way down what would become Douglas Street on that horrible day in October 1877, the sharp turn still visible today near the bottom of Douglas Street. The three pits are pictured. On the left Priestfield Colliery (Dixons […]

Overwinding Inquiry 1878

Following on from the 5th March 1878 overwinding accident at Dixons Pit 3, an inquiry took place. The report as follows: From Hamilton Advertiser¬†¬† Saturday 27th April 1878 The Blantyre Overwinding Accident Arthur Clelland was accused of culpable homicide, having been employed as an engineman at No 3 Pit, Blantyre Collieries, belonging to Wm Dixon, […]