Remembering Edward Allan Watson b1948-d1951

Just a little post to remember Blantyre boy, Edward Allan Watson.

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On the 4th September 1951, about 68 years ago, three year old Allan Edward Watson was playing outside his home in High Blantyre. He lived at 395 Main Street with his family, including Stephen Watson, a brother who I know reads this page.

Allan’s home is pictured on the far left of this picture and beside it you will see the entrance at Craigmuir Road, to the Railway Station. Now, this entrance had a heavy iron gate on hinges and Allan was playing near it when tragedy struck.

Becoming trapped, the toddler sustained a fractured skull, an injury he sadly died of. I’m sure this would have deeply saddened the whole community and cannot imagine what it would have been like for the Watson family, who would be confronted with that scene everytime they left their home.

We remember little Allan Edward Watson here and the life he so sadly missed out on.

1951 Edward Allan Watson

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Robert Stewart You don’t say what actually happened to the child, did the gate fall off it’s hinges or did it swing round suddenly and hit his head?
Blantyre Project Hi Robert – I didn’t go into further detail as I know his family read this page, certainly a brother does and was discussing this with him a couple of months ago.
Marian Maguire Poor wee soul, still remembered in Blantyre
Mick Watson Tragic and very sad
Anne Irvine How tragic + sad

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