1920’s Smithycroft, Blantyre


1920-smithycroft-wmToday, we’re taking you back to 1920’s High Blantyre. Pictured on Craigmuir Road is a former building called Smithycroft, which was constructed in 1777. The front part of this building as pictured, opened out on to Craigmuir Road facing over to Blantyre Old Parish Church. The rear, faced on to High Blantyre Railway Station. Walking down the hill, a man heads to the junction of Craigmuir Road and Hamilton Road. Today, this area has modern homes.

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Lorna Hughes Valentine Thanks for sharing this info. So much history in this little road. So building was near railway line? When and who named it the “old bricky road” ? When we lived in “The glebe” (top of craigmuir house on left) before any modern houses built local people called it old bricky road.
Brian Weaver I hope you liked living in The Glebe, Lorna. My parents built it and we lived there from about 1963 until 1970. It was a bit big and not very warm in the winter back then as the underfloor electric heating wasn’t very good! But we have lots of memories of happy times.
Elizabeth Weaver It was a great house to be a teenager in – and we were surrounded by fields back then. Wonderful memories.
Lorna Hughes Valentine OH my goodness!! It was the best house to grow up in and of course family parties and gathering. Friends from the city came for weekend and still talk about it to this day! Your family buit an amazing home. Yes it wasnt the most econimical house to heat even after the central heating was in and double glazing. Never forget memories of a home we stayed in till i was 17
Lorna Hughes Valentine I think we purchased around 78/79 until 1990 once it was only my mum and i we movwd to a smaller house in EK.. still talk about the “glebe” x
Lorna Hughes Valentine Where did you all move to?
Elizabeth Weaver Our parents moved to Crieff with our much younger siblings and later retired to Dunoon. Brian has lived in the Highlands since he left university and I lived in Galloway most of my life but now in Fife. Lovely to share memories of a great home.
Lorna Hughes Valentine Bizzare as my brother Paul went to boarding school in Crieff (morrisons academy) while we lived in the house.
Yes thanks for sharing x
Elizabeth Weaver Lorna Hughes Valentine That’s even more odd! Our young brother and sister went to Morrison’s as well – day pupils.
Brian Weaver Penny, take a look at this conversation.
Lorna Hughes Valentine My brother Paul Hughes left 1987 and sadly passed away same year. Can pm you pictures…
Lorna Hughes Valentine Really unbelievable I need to ask my mum if she knows any of this!!
Elizabeth Weaver Penny will be along soon – seems she remembers meeting your brother, Lorna. I’m sorry to hear he died so young.
Penny Weaver Hello Lorna , I was at school with your brother. I left school in December 1987. It was bizarre at the time hearing you stayed in The Glebe.
It was a shock at the time hearing what happened to Paul.
Lorna Hughes Valentine Well there you go Penny i didnt know any of this!! Thanks foe your words, i hope you are well! We enjoy taking our son to mcrosty park! Do you know Lynn ? Take care x
Penny Weaver Hi Lorna, do you know Lynn’ surname?
Brian Weaver Jock Russell and his sister (Helen?) lived in that cottage when we lived in ‘The Glebe’. Right behind it was the station and I think the house had been lived in by the station master at one stage. I don’t think the cottage had electricity in the 1960s.See more
Elizabeth Weaver I think you’re right about the lack of electricity, Brian – I remember being in there one day and Helen had food cooking over the open stove, in one of those old hanging pots. The interior was very quaint and beautifully cared for. Wish we’d taken pics!
Sharon Morrison Doonin Wow Lorna Hughes Valentine just reading this. Some coincidences. Gary Morrison x
Lorna Hughes Valentine Yes the world is such a small but large place Sharon x
Arlene Campbell What a fantastic story ..


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  1. I discovered that my grandmother, Jeanie Frame, lived in this house as a young child in 1891 with her parents, William and Margaret. Margaret was in poor health and died two years later aged 42. William remarried but died in 1912 when he fell from his cart down a slope by the River Calder near Greenhall Farm.

    1. Hi John – I have some notes on this. Mr. William Frame was born at Douglas, Lanarkshire in 1850, the son of William Frame Snr (a blacksmith) and Margaret Wilson. William was a late 19thCentury carter at Grimson’s Buildings, Stonefield, according to Naismith’s Directory of 1879.

      William Frame Jnr married Margret Scott in 1882 in Lanark. The couple had a daughter Jeanie D Frame in 1883. By 1891, the family were living at Smithycroft, Craigmuir Road at High Blantyre.

      Sadly, Margaret died in 1893 aged only 43 after poor health. William remarried on 27thFebruary 1894 to Margaret Allan Dickson and became a master carter for a wood merchant. This was likely at William Adam’s Sawmills adjacent to his rented home at Adam’s Land, across the road from where he had previously lived.

      William died at 4pm on 16thDecember 1912 after falling from his cart down a slope into the River Calder near Greenhall Farm. He was 61 years old. Dr Grant had been called but it was too late. Upon inspection there was an injury to the left side of William’s head and bruising on his forehead. It is unknown if he had become dizzy, fainted, had a heart aattack or simply was a tragic accident. His son in law living outwith Blantyre by that time signed the death certificate.

      I’ve scheduled a post here for 3rd March 2019 to remember this family. All the best, Paul.

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