The Glebe, Craigmuir Road


1963-glebe-cottage-wmLiz Weaver shared this charming photo of the back view of her house – The Glebe, in High Blantyre – not long after it was built in 1963.

Liz told me, “You can see across the field to the Old Parish church. The old manse was just out of the picture on the right. It was so peaceful when we moved in and we were surrounded by green fields, whereas now it’s surrounded by houses and the garden is half the size since part was sold off to build another property.”

Of course High Blantyre is about to change again, with the building underway of 172 homes  near Shott.

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Lorna Hughes Valentine Thank you Liz for sharing and we were blessed to share those happy memories after you as you know! I will try and dig out some pictures from my mum’s – fabulous family home xx
Gary Morrison Me and my buddies playground (but mostly football park)

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