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1910 Calderwood Castle

Pictured here is extraordinary resolution is Calderwood Castle. Remarkably, the photo was taken in 1910, over 105 years ago, the glass plate captured by High Blantyre photographer David Ritchie. I’ve sub divided the image up into separate areas of interest, each highlighting some detail otherwise hidden by the original image. Of particular interest are the ornate […]

1821 Calderwood Glen – Mary Paterson’s Sketch

In early May 2015, East Kilbride historian Chris Ladds, showed me a sketch that had ben sent to him that same month. Incredibly, the sketch dated in 1821 is approaching 200 years old and in colour, features Calderwood Glen. Drawn by a Mary Paterson, who allegedly was a nanny or teacher at Calderwood Castle, the […]