1915 Ladder at Calderwood Castle

1915 Calderwood Castle being repaired (PV)

1915 Calderwood Castle being repaired (PV)

Now this may be a cleaning activity , rather than repairs but for some reason, there’s a huge ladder leaning up against the Tower of Calderwood Castle. Photographed by my second great grand Uncle, David Ritchie, from the Blantyre side of the Rotten Calder, is the back of Calderwood Castle around 1915.  At the time the castle and its estate was owned by the Co-operative society, after they purchased it in 1904.

The photo is remarkably clear and in good resolution. Of course the Castle is no longer there, the last of it being the tower itself, which was demolished in 1951.

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  • Calderglen & Calderwood Castle History They were reluctant to spend any money on the building as they saw it as the ‘White Elephant’ of the Society. Many delegates secretly were in love with the Glen and Castle, but the Society kept a tight belt over finances, and their focus on fruit farming. I’d imagine the window lead or guttering or something of such a building which would need maintenance was being seen to.Perhaps a damaged window pane.
  • Calderglen & Calderwood Castle History The amazing thing about these true chemical photographs is that there is no resolution. Its an endless chemical deposit which allows for spectacular zooming. These days digital equivalents to this cost big money!

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