Calderwood Castle


19010s calderwoodAn old postcard from just over 100 years ago showing Calderwood Castle. Sitting on the east Kilbride side of Calderwood Glen, the former castle is no longer there, long since demolished.

How amazing it would have been for this building to have survived and for the paths either side of the River Calder to have been maintained, rather than the current state of affairs, being overgrown, lost entirely or complete lack of maintenance.

I can’t help but feel heading up to Calderwood Castle would have been a great day out for anybody in Blantyre had it still been there.

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Jay Peajohn Stone Thanks Paul never knew there was a Calderwood Castlr
Paul Mcbain Used to play in the ruins as a kid … There’s some stunning photos of it in it’s prime
Linda Gourlay Where was it ??
Paul Mcbain Close to the Expressway but in the Calderwood area of East Kilbride … Access it from the Lamermuir play park .. there’s a sign denoting the site as it’s now overgrown but you can still see some of the brickwork
Marian Maguire This is such a shame a beautiful castle like this can be demolished, what’s wrong with people, history can’t be replaced or retrieved. I’ve heard of this castle from a lot of the older people I’ve worked with.
Christine Forrest I would like to know who lived there and who built it as I never heard of it

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