1950 Calderwood Castle

1950 Calderwood Castle wm

Next up is this amazing photo, seen here for the first time online! The photo may appear older than it actually is, due to the “classic” vehicle in the foreground. Dating it is fairly easy though for the Castle surrounding this Turret at Calderwood was demolished in 1948, with the tower itself in the early 50’s, making this photo around 1950.

The omnibus, dates from 20 years earlier. This is the site of the former Calderwood Castle, a location important for local heritage. Behind this last tower is the gorge through which flows the River Calder.

Up on the hill in the background not far from Calderside on the Blantyre side of the river, is the former Craigneith Castle, which has only a few small ruins remaining now. In the 1950’s this ruin was being squatted in and one of the squatter’s children went to nearby Auchentibber School.

With thanks to Margaret Stewart for exclusively sharing this remarkable photo, the end of an era for Calderwood.

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Blantyre ProjectCalderglen & Calderwood Castle History

Calderglen & Calderwood Castle History I still have a good feeling this is the Jackson family of Long Calderwood around 1951, after the fence was erected, but I am yet to confirm with the surviving daughter(s) Paul.

Marian Maguire Oh what this town has lost, all these beautiful buildings.

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