Calderwood Castle in Colour (Part 1)

Have I got a wee treat for you today!! A beautiful video by ‘East Kilbride Tranquility’ of Calderwood Castle, colourised. A window back to the past.

Photos from my collection and from EK historian Chris Ladd’s collection have been beautifully colourised and used with permission, set to a lovely piece of music. This video part 1 also includes animation, bringing back the Oval Pool and Fountain in Calderwood Glen, formerly on the Blantyre side back to life. Look for clever water animations despite this being 100 years old, perhaps giving you an idea of what we’ve now lost so close to Calderside and Auchentibber.

The Castle is of course now demolished, the pool nothing but woodlands. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

(c) East Kilbride Tranqulity, Chris Ladds and Paul Veverka


Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Margaret Duncan It’s sad what ‘time’ does – it takes things away – thankfully we have this photographic record – keep them coming
Drew Fisher What a wonderful building! So much of Blantyre heritage gone, I wish I could have seen these places
Thomas Barrett One word vandalism
Violet Elder Wonderful to see this and realise how much we have lost with age.
Liz Munro Allison Amazing such a shame all these fabulous old buildings were left to rui
Chris Ladds How did you get the preview mode to work Paul? I tried various versions of the link to no avail. Most of the features visible in this video were demolished for lack of care in keeping them and the scrap value. Shown are the Rear Avenue parapet wall, the Castle from the southwest, west, northwest and northeast, the 1840s castellated terrace wall, the pond with fountain and grotto, and the de-roofed Calderwood Mausoleum, as well as the converted offices hall with a co-operative gathering (not in the Castle). The majority of the views shown are between 115 and 118 years old. I cannot say that the 8th Baronet responsible for most of the Glen’s additions was much a fan of Mozart given his artistic leanings, but I have a feeling his grandfather would have been given his neo-classical tendencies!
Margaret Mills I wish it was still there xx
Blantyre Project me too. What a museum that would have made!
Helen Imrie Awesome video with beautiful content.
Agnes Cook Paul that is stunning. Do you know by any chance what date the gathering of the co-op worker took place?
Blantyre Project Chris Ladds may be able to answer that better, but Edwardian fashions and hairstyles suggest it could be in the 1910s.
Gordon Mather Good stuff
Anne Callaghan That’s so lovely 😊 where was this exactly Paul ??
Paul Wilkinson This is absolutely fantastic! What a treat indeed! Thank you for putting it together for us

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