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1908 Broompark House, Broompark

Pictured here in 1908, from Broompark Avenue, is Broompark House. Despite being over a Century old, this photo has remarkable clarity and resolution thanks to the photographer David Ritchie, who lived at the time in Broompark Avenue from this vantage point. Two storey Broompark House was detached, built in stone, well built with turret features […]

1908 Kate Ritchie at Broompark

A photo now from 1908, previously unpublished on the Net. This is little Kate Ritchie of Broompark Avenue, as photographed by David Ritchie. Barefoot, Kate stands at the front door of the house and is probably around 3 years old. Holding a makeshift barrow she’s carting her doll, standing in her parent’s kitchen. Incredible to […]

1908 Robert Ritchie at Broompark

Pictured here in Broompark Avenue is little Robert Ritchie. Photographed by David Ritchie in 1908, Robert stands outside the door of his house in good clothes indicative of Sunday best, or perhaps part of a band or club. Robert’s home looked out over to Broompark House, pictured in the background later to become home of […]

John’s Recollection of High Blantyre

A nice email this week from the previous owner of my home at Croftfoot, High Blantyre. John Whyte, who lived there in the 1950s and 1960s emailed me this which contained enough nice references for me to post his email here, “I’ve sent a photograph again (of Croftfoot 1957) with arrow pointing to the door […]