1908 Broompark House, Broompark

1908 The Doctors House at Broompark Road

1908 The Doctors House at Broompark Road

Pictured here in 1908, from Broompark Avenue, is Broompark House. Despite being over a Century old, this photo has remarkable clarity and resolution thanks to the photographer David Ritchie, who lived at the time in Broompark Avenue from this vantage point.

Two storey Broompark House was detached, built in stone, well built with turret features adding a lot of character. It was later to become home to The Jopes, the husband and wife doctors. In the treeline at the back was the railway line, elevated, cutting through the centre of Blantyre from High Blantyre Train Station to Auchinraith. This scene would now be looking at the flats at Broompark Grove and of course the site of St John Ogilvie RC Church. Thanks to Alex Bowie for sharing the original photo.

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  • Caroline Lee I remember when the house was also being used as a Surgery, think it was only Mrs Jope then. Surgery was on ground floor large dark room, scarey for a 5/6 year old
  • Elizabeth Dobson Grieve Don’t remember that at all
  • Jean Boyd I remember going there too for my jabs before starting school, it was scary when you were only 5 I think it was only Mrs Jope when I went,
  • Thomas Barrett we stayed across the road from there.
  • Ray Couston I wish we still had more large houses with character like this in building.
  • James Graham I played with the son of their servant (in the servant’s room) in the house. We got our chessies from the tree next to Broompark Road. http://www.amazon.co.uk/People-Like-Us…/dp/1514353008/
  • Sheena Thomson I remember going to the big house walking up the drive, to see the doctor but can’t remember what for I was very young.
  • Margaret Nimmo Lehmann I remember both Drs.
  • Moyra Lindsay I remember them and the house. Mrs Jope retired in 1972 very quietly with no gift of thanks from Blantyre!
  • Mary Summers Remember going there as a child to see the doctor
  • Auntie Jo Amazing! I live just across the road. Had no idea such a lovely house used to be there.
  • Marian Maguire I remember being in that house looking out the windows when it was empty, I was with my husband and father- in- law who was involved in talks to get the land for the new church.

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