Croftpark, (Broompark House)

Ruth Smith recently shared this painting.

This is Dr William Grants former house on Broompark Road, Blantyre which was painted by his son, Dr Thomas P Grant. The painting would date from the early 20th Century. I like this picture not just for showing the beautiful stone house, but it hints at colour on the metal panels of the towers. I’ve only ever seen black and white photos of this house. The towers were certainly unusual and would have looked out at an elevated position above the adjacent former railway. I suspect they had a great view above the railway over towards Larkfield and Barnhill.

This house was situated beside the fields of Croftfoot, which would in the 1930’s became High Blantyre’s Kirkton Park. Indeed the land this house sat on was bought from the Jackson Family of nearby Croftfoot in December 1880, the house built shortly after.

Putting this in context, Broompark Avenue would now be out the picture to the left. You would be standing on Broompark Road to paint this and the buildings seen at the back were used as a surgery.

Originally known as Croftpark, it was more commonly known in the early 20th Century as Broompark House and some people may remember the later doctors , husband and wife team the Jopes who took over the practice. Now demolished, the location today would be the site of the current St John Ogilvie RC Church. 

Just another beautiful Blantyre house now gone.

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