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History of Springfield House

Springfield House was a former detached home once located at the junction of Broompark Road and Springfield Crescent. It should not be confused with Springfield Cottage, an existing old house on Glasgow Road, Blantyre. Springfield House did however start off being called a ‘cottage at Springfield’. Situated at 78m above sea level, the area of Springfield, just off Broompark was […]

Looking to Victoria Street and the Cemetery 1955

  I have marked up this 1955 aerial photo to show some interesting features and how much Blantyre has changed at that location. Looking towards Victoria Street and beyond to the High Blantyre Cemetery, westwards. The houses at Welsh Drive and Victoria Street int he foreground are recognisable and haven’t changed much, but beyond Victoria […]

1881 Springfield Place & Warnocks Laun

Blantyre man Allan Reardon presented me with a mystery in early February 2015. Allan, who lives at Aller’s Farm, Stoneymeadow asked, “Hi Paul do you have any maps that have Springfield Place on them I know there is a Springfield Crescent and I’m assuming it’s off this but so far can’t get a map with […]