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Bothwell Castle, 1768

This beautiful painting observed from the Blantyre side of the River Clyde shows the ruins of Bothwell Castle during 1768. Painted by Paul Sandby, it shows one of the former river crossings, this one near to the Priory. A family stand in the foreground, the woman holding a large fishing net, perhaps to catch a […]

Bothwell Castle on the Clyde

Here’s a 19th Century engraving published by Young Brothers of Glasgow. Looking south, it prominently shows the ruins of Bothwell Castle looking upstream of the River Clyde. Uddingston’s Ferry Road on the left and Boatland on the right. The topography is somewhat exaggerated likely to fit everything of interest into the one scene, but it […]

1778 Bothwell Castle

This illustration dates from 1778 and shows in some detail the ruins of Bothwell Castle. Pictured from the inside, the scene is not too different today. Bothwell Castle’s construction started c1245 but wasn’t finished by the wars of Independence. It fell out of use c1645. It was used as a walled garden for the new Bothwell […]