Stonefield Parish Church Group

Another absolutely fantastic photo of an Edwardian outing by Stonefield Parish Church.

Taken prior to WW1, the location is unknown but I think looks like nearby Bothwell Castle. The outing by the Church has all attendees dressed in their Sunday finery. Almost all men and women are wearing hats, the fashionable accessory of the era. The two ministers sit in the middle of this previously unseen photo.

Penny Roberston who shared this family photo told me, “I can see my grandfather, Daniel Sprott in the third row, seventh from the right if you start with the bald man.  My grandfather is wearing a cap and is behind a woman with a small child.  She is wearing a tie.  I can’t see my grandmother or her brother anywhere in this photo.  Perhaps it was before they met?”

The photo is in rather good quality, so I’ve zoomed in a little to see the expressions, fashions and other people. There is a high likelihood many local people alive today are related to people in this photo.

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