1765 W Binton or N Britain?

Whilst researching for my book “The History of Crossbasket Castle”, I had to consider reference to a few sketches and some narrative that was included in a 1904 publication by the Co-op. These are pictured attached. The wording mentions a sketch of Crossbasket Tower, done in 1765 which was sketched just after the first extension where the mid section Georgian manor house was added. The Co-op narrative says the sketch was done by “W Binton”, but i admit i struggled to find any reference on or offline to the elusive Mr Binton.

A week or so, before my book was published, I had to make a last minute correction, when East Kilbride historian, sent me 5 sketches of a similar nature, including Calderwood and Mains Towers. On closer inspection the sketches had a reference on them saying “1765 Calderwood, N Britain” a reference to location. Chris suggested to me, which i wholly accept that the N Britain wording looks VERY similar, especially in its handwriting to W Binton and that the sketches, including the one of Crossbasket were possibly made by Paul Sandby who was sketching and painting the landscapes at that time. This seemed a much more plausible explanation and i made the correction to my book draft in time before publication. Whilst not 100% conclusive, i accept there is a much more strong likelihood of them being sketched by Mr Sandby, rather than an elusive “Mr Binton”.

The mystery deepens when the signature “T Ross or Goss” appears within the Crossbasket sketch, which may have been the mark of the publisher or engraver.

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  1. PAul, these pagesare from MacGibbon And Ross’s Castellated and Domestic Architecture of Scotland. The text only refers to the Calderwood Sketch as signed W. Binton and the sketch made by Ross is based upon the Royal Academy Sketch. All the illustrations in the book are by the co-author Ross with some being based on earlier views where the building was not present anymore to copy. The mistake over ‘Binton’ is conclusive as the sketch alluded to in all the historical works is the one andonl sketch which was part of the RSA collection and dated the same year ‘1765’. There neer was a W. Binton. Crossbasket tower was sketched in the 1870-80’s for this engraving by Ross. 🙂

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