Keep on Running, 1897

An amusing Blantyre story was retold in the local newspapers in October 1897. It took place on Wednesday 29th September 1897 (nearly 126 years ago).

That afternoon, passengers at Blantyre Station awaiting the arrival of the Glasgow train were “tickled pink” on seeing a hare running along the track in front of the approaching train. The hare was keeping pace with the slow locomotive as it approached the station, setting a good distance apart, leading the train and on a course matching the upline tracks.

Those on the platform were astonished as they watched the bunny zoom past on the track and onwards in the direction of Hamilton, before the train behind ground to a halt.

The hare looked wild and got a fright when the steam of the locomotive made a large noise and stopped running, turning back to look at the train. Then it set off at pace again back towards the Hamilton direction, eventually deviating from the rails and up into the safety of grassy embankments. It was a talking point in the station, on the train and around the village for the week after.

AI imagines this story as illustrated.

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Anthony Smith And still being being mentioned today.
Harry Kielty Those Hamilton hares were notorious

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