1879 Blantyre Adverts

These are all Blantyre adverts from 142 years ago. James Hazels the plumber, Robert Stewart the slater and plasterer, Robert Davidson sawmills at Auchinraith and David McNaughton had opened the Livingston Tavern. However, my favourite, if only for its excellent detail is JB Struthers who had just opened the hall at High Blantyre, the hall which would later become the Masonic and Apollo Pub. This JB Struthers is not to be confused with his son, JBH Struthers who would just over 20 years later acquire the Auchentibber Inn.

Just look at those 1879 prices in the Livingston Tavern! Pure Old Malt Whisky, a full bottle from 2s 6d! That may not seem a lot, but for some miners at the time, it was near a third of a weeks wage.

With thanks to Alex Rochead for sending these over.

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