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1894 High Blantyre Primary School Photo

These amazing photographs are Blantyre school photos with a difference. They taken back over 120 years ago in 1894, making them possibly the oldest known school photos from our town! They are thought to be High Blantyre Primary School on Hunthill Road, which had opened 19 years earlier. Remarkably, one of the boys is known. Matthew Leggat 1st left on […]

1886 Sunday Outing to Louden Hill

A panoramic huge group photo now from 1886. Whilst light has got to this photo a little, the detail is remarkably preserved when you consider these Blantyre people were photographed almost 130 years ago! Shared here by Isabel Fleming of East Kilbride, the group photo is of a church or Sunday outing taken at Louden Hill. Some […]

Leggat Ancestry & History of Springpark Pub Part 2

Continued from Part 1 By 1881, widowed Arthur Leggat was 70 years old and by the time had moved from Bothwell back to his birth-town of Avondale where he would see out his days. His widowed sister, Isabella Stuthers aged 53, lived and worked with him as his housekeeper in Avondale at East Newton Cottage. […]