1886 Sunday Outing to Louden Hill

A panoramic huge group photo now from 1886. Whilst light has got to this photo a little, the detail is remarkably preserved when you consider these Blantyre people were photographed almost 130 years ago!

1886 Blantyre Group Sunday outing to Louden Hill. Shared by I Fleming.

1886 Blantyre Group Sunday outing to Louden Hill. Shared by I Fleming.

Shared here by Isabel Fleming of East Kilbride, the group photo is of a church or Sunday outing taken at Louden Hill. Some of Isabel’s ancestors, The Leggats and Flemings are in this photo. Isabel has identified her ancestor, Isabella Fleming born 20 February 1868 at Newfield, Auchentibber standing in the back row as the second person from left and first lady with her face obscured. She was 18 in this photo and was likely dating Matthew Leggat at the time. Her sister Elizabeth born 12 February 1870 , also at Newfield is standing in the front row firth person from left and would have been 16.  She has the same hat as Isabella. Matthew Leggat would have been 23 years old in this photo and is the sixth person from the left. He has a moustache standing behind an older gentleman also with a moustache. Isabella’s sister Elizabeth born 12 February 1870 at Newfield, Blantyre is standing on the front row firth from left. She has the same hat as Isabella. You can also see the omnibus drivers with their different flat pillbox hats.

The current generation, Isabel Fleming of EK said the photo was taken a year before Isabella Fleming & Matthew Leggat were married, which I have worked out that the photo is 1886. The Leggats and Flemings were from the Auchentibber area. Isabella Leggat daughter of Isabella & Matthew born on 8 May 1900 married George Leitch on 16 January 1924 at Blantyre. They had 3 children that I know of, Isabella born 26 May 1928, Jessie 7 April 1931 and John 29 June 1934 all at Stewartfield Farm. Isabella died 16 May 1980 at Stewartfield farm, Blantyre. George leitch was born on 9 July 1898 at Parkneuk. He died 13 April 1964 at Stewartfield.

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