The Leggat family photos


1950 The Leggat family

1950 The Leggat family

Margaret Leggat Carswell was kind enough to scan and send in these photos, following my recent post about the Leggat ancestry. Margaret added, “My father Arthur James Leggat was born in 1933 he was the younger brother of Mathew and John. I have enclosed a picture of the three Young Leggat men. My gran and grandpa Leggat were James Leggat born 1903 and my gran Elizabeth Flo Leggat born 1903. I have lots of fond memories of Blantyre and going to stay with my brothers and sisters at my gran’s house. My dad’s eldest brother, Mathew died in 1957 in a motorcycle accident and my father died in 1996 age 62 and then Uncle John passed away 1999 aged 69 yrs. Uncle John lived in Springpark by himself and although we would love to have kept Springpark in the family, there was just too many of us! As far as I know, the house was passed from father to eldest son for generations”

Photographed are Mathew Leggat on the left, in the middle is John Leggat and then Margaret’s dad a very young looking Arthur Leggat, in 1950.

The other photo is likely the 1930s and features the Leggat family too. Margaret added, “This is an earlier picture of my Grandpa Leggat and gran Leggat with

1930s The Leggats

1930s The Leggats

Mathew, John and my dad Arthur. My dad told me about his ‘granny murchie’. She was allegedly very cruel to him but when she remarried, Springpark went to my grandpa’s brother, Arthur who unfortunately let it fall into a bit of a state. Eventually, my grandpa took it and I think great Uncle Arthur moved to Stonefeild?”

James Leggat was a carpenter and worked on a lot of estates with his young family. He came back to Blantyre to raise his family around 1940 or so. Mathew was a carpenter too and John was a financial adviser with American Express. Margaret’s dad Arthur finished his trade in joinery and went into the military police and then the police force.

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Marian Maguire Terrible to lose two of your family in one year.

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