Fleming – Ferguson Mystery

I was sent this same photo by two different people, both Alex Rochead and Isabel Fleming, and was able to put them both into contact with each other, as clearly there were people in their ancestry line who were common to both families and a very strong chance that Isabel of East Kilbride and Alex of Blantyre were both related. Turns out Alex and Isabel are second cousins. (Isabel is descended from an earlier Isabel Fleming, a sister of Alex’s great grandfather, John Fleming. She married Matthew Leggat and lived at Springpark in Auchintibber.)

In the 1890s photo with the younger couple is (possibly) John Fleming and Annie Ferguson. In the 1916 photo, is definitely John Fleming and Annie Ferguson, with their children Mary, Isabel and James captured on their passport photo before they emigrated to Canada. At the time children could travel with their parents on the same passport.

Putting this out to a wider audience, and looking for some examination by comparison of the two photos, my question is,

Are these the same couples, 20 or so years apart? The ages of the children may complicate this puzzle and they may not even be the same children, but the gentleman certainly looks as though he has the same eyes and ears. The lady too, with striking, similar features as her possible younger self. Of course a massive clue to solving this puzzle is the fact that both Isabel and Alex HAVE these photos and know them to be of their family, but even with Alex and Isabel some uncertainty still exists.

So to help Isabel and Alex, is this the same couple pictured?

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Chris Ladds From somebody who draws and paints faces and with knowledge of facial anatomy I’m 95% certain they are the same people Paul. 

Alex Rochead The more I look at the older photo the more I believe it is of my great grandparents John Fleming born 1863 at Newfield, Auchentibber and Annie Ferguson born 1866 at Parkneuk, Auchentibber. They married in 1888 at Craigmure, Auchentibber. I think the oSee More

Alex Rochead The passport photo has Mary born 1907, James 1904 and Isabella 1909. All of John & Annies children except for Janet emigrated to Canada. My gg uncle William Fleming born 1894 joined the Canadian army and died in France in 1915 due to wounds received in action.

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