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1936 Gifting the Welfare Playpark

Considerable discussion took place on Wednesday 24th October 1936, at the Fifth Lanark District Council (Blantyre and East Kilbride), whether or not the council should take over the children’s playground with its amusements, offered by the Blantyre Miners’ Welfare Committee (at the ground in Victoria Street, opposite the medical centre). It was proposed the play […]

Crossbasket Lands of East Kilbride

It may come as a surprise to people that some properties in modern day Blantyre, aren’t actually IN Blantyre Parish. i.e they are only classed as Blantyre as they’re near Blantyre. Properties like Malcolmwood Farm and Caldergrove, which although just down the Pech Brae and having a Blantyre postal address, is actually officially in Cambuslang […]