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“Boundary” by James Cornfield 2006

An excellent poem about Blantyre’s Northern Boundary along the River Clyde. This was written by the the late James Cornfield back in 2006 and is added to the large, growing collection of Blantyre poems in the history archives at: https://blantyreproject.com/reference/blantyre-poems/ Pictured very aptly, alongside this post is a boy at the River Clyde near Boatland, […]

Crossbasket Lands of East Kilbride

It may come as a surprise to people that some properties in modern day Blantyre, aren’t actually IN Blantyre Parish. i.e they are only classed as Blantyre as they’re near Blantyre. Properties like Malcolmwood Farm and Caldergrove, which although just down the Pech Brae and having a Blantyre postal address, is actually officially in Cambuslang […]