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1958 Calder Street School Photo

Another new School photo to add to the collection. This time 1958 Calder Street School, shared here with permission from Arlene Green. Her mum is on the second row, first on the right.  The other names are as follows; Front row left to right Margaret Baikey, Anne Millar, Jean Gibson, Lotty Carter, ?, Catherine Mulvanney, […]

1918 Ness’s Primary School Low Blantyre

A previously unseen photo of Ness’s Primary school, on Glasgow Road, Low Blantyre, incredibly from 1918. Such a wonderful old photo has been donated and shared to Blantyre Project from my good friend, Arlene Green. (Arlene and I found out a couple of years back that we share common ancestry and distantly related.) Arlene told […]

The Quoiting Green & Gardens

The Quoiting Green was situated behind the old War Memorial at Auchentibber. The local Miners in the late 1890’s spent some time working stone and building ornamental gardens modelled on Italian Designs. The gardens turned out to be very impressive and featured as a beautiful backdrop to the sporting ground itself. The gardens were terraced, […]