1918 Ness’s Primary School Low Blantyre

1918 Ness's School. Previously unseen photo donated by Arlene Green

1918 Ness’s School. Previously unseen photo donated by Arlene Green

A previously unseen photo of Ness’s Primary school, on Glasgow Road, Low Blantyre, incredibly from 1918. Such a wonderful old photo has been donated and shared to Blantyre Project from my good friend, Arlene Green. (Arlene and I found out a couple of years back that we share common ancestry and distantly related.)

Arlene told me, “my granny Williamson (Winnie) Bowie (married name Macfarlane) is front row, fifth from the right.

Stonefield Primary School was opened on Monday 26th October 1875.  The school was affectionately known as Ness’s school, after the headmaster.

Ness was headmaster at the Low Blantyre school for 32 years, on top of the 18 years he had previously spent at the Village school. In 1875, he was given a salary of £120 a year or £10 per calendar month. He lived at Waterloo Row, near the mills of Low Blantyre , was married and had 5 children. He was a very strict man and discipline came naturally, overhauling the rampant disobedience that existed when he first came to the building. His word counted at all times. This was true for parents too, who if they dared complain about the punishment their children were receiving at school, were likely to face possible dismissal themselves at their own employment!

The school was known to have been demolished by May 1977.

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  1. my mum went to nessie school she was born in 10th may 1926 her name was minnie thomson wonder if there a class diary with her name in it ina sanders her daughter xxx

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