Post Office, Glasgow Road

I’m sure that despite this photo being several decades old, this image will invoke a lot of nostalgic memories for many Blantyre people, myself included.

This is of course the former Post Office building once located at the corner of Logan Street (Left) and Glasgow Road (to the right).

Built in 1953, this prominent, rather municipal looking building served the Blantyre community well. The new Post Office was opened without any ceremony whatsoever on Monday morning 25th October 1954, when business was conducted ‘as usual’ at 9 a.m. Located on the former site of Turner’s Buildings, customers would go in one door and out the other and were impressed by the speed in which the counter staff could stamp things from stamp pad to pension books postal orders. A phone box was located in the inside of the building. The Post office also catered for Car Tax, Family Allowance, Postage, Premium Bonds and Savings Accounts.  A good aspect to this era was the ability to pick up a parcel from the office, rather than now having to go to Cambuslang.

When the council bought land in 1977 (in what was officially called the Blantyre Project!), in advance of Asda, this little portion where the post office existed, was “ringfenced” off and left out of the sale. As such, once Asda was built a few years later and the subsequent demolition of the post office in 1999, this wee grassy area is still vacant but maintained, with plans for a Costa Coffee seemingly shelved.

What’s your memories of the Post Office? With thanks again to Rob Gordon for this original colour photo.

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  1. This is where I purchased my first premium bond I still have it and a few more that my mother in law gave me when she came to Canada on holidays. I am still wait for a return on my money for over 50 years

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