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Overwinding Inquiry 1878

Following on from the 5th March 1878 overwinding accident at Dixons Pit 3, an inquiry took place. The report as follows: From Hamilton Advertiser   Saturday 27th April 1878 The Blantyre Overwinding Accident Arthur Clelland was accused of culpable homicide, having been employed as an engineman at No 3 Pit, Blantyre Collieries, belonging to Wm Dixon, […]

How to Annoy the Neighbours

During January 1934, a neighbours dispute in High Blantyre escalated to ridiculous proportions. Mr Alexander Gillespie of 3 Welsh Drive, Blantyre ended up in court, accused of harassing his neighbour, also called Gillespie, using the most ingenious and incredible method. For whatever reason, the two men had grudges against the other. They decided to take […]