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Overwinding Inquiry 1878

Following on from the 5th March 1878 overwinding accident at Dixons Pit 3, an inquiry took place. The report as follows: From Hamilton Advertiser   Saturday 27th April 1878 The Blantyre Overwinding Accident Arthur Clelland was accused of culpable homicide, having been employed as an engineman at No 3 Pit, Blantyre Collieries, belonging to Wm Dixon, […]

Injured in Glasgow Road Banana Incident

On Saturday afternoon of 11th August 1934, at the Whistleberry Bridge, Blantyre, a motor delivery lorry belonging to Messrs Elder & Fyffe, banana merchants, Motherwell, was involved in a smash, and the driver had a remarkable escape from serious injury. The lorry swerved to avoid a collision with another car and cycle, and ran on […]