How to Annoy Neighbours


346151During January 1934, a neighbours dispute in High Blantyre escalated to ridiculous proportions.

Mr Alexander Gillespie of 3 Welsh Drive, Blantyre ended up in court, accused of harassing his neighbour also called Gillespie, using the most ingenious and incredible method.

For whatever reason, the two men had grudges against the other. They decided to take it out on each other, through the property boundaries, their fighting and quarreling quickly evolving into more elaborate methods of harassing each other.

Alexander lived below, his neighbour on top and it was Alexander who ended up with a clever means to ensure his neighbour upstairs ended up with no sleep.

He attached a rope to an iron bedstead in his neighbours’ spare bedroom, carefully hiding it from sight and drilled through the floor into his own property.

Then, in his own bedroom below, he pulled through the rope down towards him and attached an iron rod that he could hold on to. In the dead of night, he would pull the rod, from the comfort of his own bed, the rope would tighten and the iron bed upstairs would rattle.

This greatly annoyed the neighbour upstairs who could not fathom where the noise would come from. Alexander would listen for the footsteps into the room and cease pulling the rod. The noise would stop just as the neighbour walked into his own spare, unoccupied bedroom. This eventually caused considerable alarm to the complainer’s wife and two children, quite frightened by the incident.

Eventually, after a few weeks, Alexander was rumbled and it is recorded that the exchange of profanities could be heard at the other end of the street, forcing others to call the police. So it came to be that at the end of January 1934, the judge prosecuted both men, asking for them to make up their differences amicably.

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2016

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Eleanor Wemyss Lol so funny

Mary Falco Like the coat blanket

Elsie Chalmers Ingenious plan…..wonder if they settled amicably??

Marianne Stark Aitken How the hell did he get into the neighbours room to attach the rope! I have so many stories from that era either through witnesses or descendants ok they could’ve been glorified but you just don’t hear of these hilarious tales anymore 🙁

Anne Mackie and did they ?

Julie Tabor I wonder if there my dad s family As he’s a Gillespie at 1/9 Welsh drive

The Blantyre Project !! Really!! Thats too much of a co-incidence. I would love to hear that this story ended well with the 2 of them going up the Auchinraith Vaults for a pint.

Angela Taylor I was wondering the same thing Julie x

Julie Tabor Defo would have been my Gran /pap at no 1

Susan Dunsmuir I recently heard a similar modern day story of a man whose downstairs neighbor complained of every little noise the upstairs tenant made. When their arguing got out of control, the upstairs tenant somehow knew they had an unsecured wifi downstairs and so he set his phone alarm to wake him at night when he’d send loud irritating noises to the downstairs tenant’s computer speakers. The family was so freaked out by the “strange noises from nowhere” the wife insisted they move out. The man upstairs said he felt a twinge of guilt watching them move out but not for long. LOL

Mary Sitters I remember my Mama talking about the upstairs neighbour who would roll a bowling ball across their living room to annoy my Dad who worked night shift!

Betty McLean I think one of those families were also there when I was a child around 1945. There was a shop at the corner of Welsh Drive and Auchinraith Rd. I was bullied on my way to the shop by the kids, pulling my hair etc. I lived at the opposite end of Welsh Drive and I was always afraid of them.

Helen Williams I think that shop on the corner was Robertsons Betty, How long did you stay in Welsh Drive? I was born Maxwell cresc, but was early 50s.

Alexander Ogilvie I think the shop was known as Chinkies, the people who owned lived down from it in Auchinraith Road and also had a mobile shop, a fruit and veg I think.

Betty McLean I lived at 63 Welsh Dr till around 1950. My relatives lived in Maxwell Cres. My maiden name McGill

Betty McLean Thank you Alexander yes it was a fruit and veg shop at the corner of Welsh
Drive and the first driveway in on the left looking down Auchinraith Rd.

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