Dixons Rows, 1930s

Joanne (Giovanna Matarazzo) Mandel shared this fantastic photo, which I think dates from the late 1920’s or early 1930s.  She told me, “My great grandmother Campbell and my aunt and uncle at Dixon Raws before they moved to Priory Street” 

The Campbells lived at 7 and 26 Dixon Street in the 1930’s. I worked out that by the time of this photo, Dixon’s Rows were already much smaller. Carfin Street, Govan Street and Miller Street had been completely demolished by the mid 1930s to make way for new homes at Calder Street. Dixons Street was entered from Stonefield Road directly across from the (then) newly formed entrance to Fernslea Avenue.

Whilst a touching family photo of children with their granny, you can also see that Dixon’s Rows were not of the best construction. These panes would have been single glazed, no damp proof course in the house and rising damp would have been an issue in many of the homes. The new houses, still existing today at Priory Street were built in the 1930’s and must have seemed almost palatial  and spacious when people moved over.


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  1. Looking at the picture the lady looks like Mrs Millar who lived at 7 Priory street if so then the boy would be Robert

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