Bowling Club Anecdote

In May 1907, workers were building a new Bowling Club pavilion at the green at Stonefield Road. This was to upgrade and improve upon the small, original brick clubhouse building (pictured)

An amusing small anecdote exists apparently discussed between the workmen of the time. That month, one workman was heard to say “Yer sister’s awa tae Canada Wull?”

Second workman: “Aye, she wanted tae see life.”
First Workman: “She needny ha gaen so far”, he said pointing to the roofs of the nearby miners houses which could be seen from their vantage point. “If she had gaen the hale length o Dixon’s Raws on a Saturday nicht, she’d hiv seen plenty of life, whiles gey near death!”

Makes me wonder what other idle chat, gossip and banter Blantyre workmen got up to.

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