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1977 Queen Mother Visits

  The 24th May 1977, was a Royal Visit day for Blantyre when the Africa Pavilions opened at the David Livingstone Centre. As these pictures show, the Queen Mother opened the building, her first visit back to Blantyre since she opened the David Livingstone Museum in 1929. Here, she meets head gardener Mr Alistair McKeller […]

1979 Round Table & Guides

  This ceremony in October 1979 at the David Livingstone Centre marked the strengthening of links between Blantyre Scotland and Blantyre, Malawi. On Friday 5th October 1979, Mr Frank M Kalamula, assistant High Commissioner for Malawi accepted an £850 cheque from Blantyre Round Table and Blantyre 4th Brownie Pack. The cash was to be used […]