African Hut at Livingstone Centre

A couple of people in recent months have asked me where the little African Hut was at the David Livingstone Centre. The hut was reconstructed to show the type of accommodation that our famous Explorer friend used to live in whilst in Africa on his travels.

The straw hut is no longer there and was located in an area which is now the fenced gardens to the side of Shuttle Row. This coloured photo shows this well and puts the location easily into context when you see the gable of Shuttle Row at the top of the hill.

It’s a nice photo and perhaps gives a hint at how popular the little attraction was. I’m sure the Scottish Winters would have something to say about the condition of the hut each year, perhaps lending reason as to why it’s not there anymore. Perhaps I’m being cynical, but I have to admit, this hut had it been built today and knowing its made of straw, probably would not have survived very long for other reasons entirely.

Grass hut at Livingstone Memorial-Colorized

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