1999 Demolition of David Livingstone Bridge

David Livingstone Memorial Bridge demolition 28th May 1999

David Livingstone Memorial Bridge demolition 28th May 1999

This bridge, the David Livingstone Memorial Bridge was built in 1952 and replaced the previous suspension bridge which had closed in 1949. The photograph shows the end of the David Livingstone Bridge when it was demolished on 28th May 1999.

The contractors had some difficulty in tearing down the whole structure and had to call in additional equipment to get the whole structure down safely. Celebrating the Millennium, the bridge was replaced later in the year, at the same location, which was the third bridge to have spanned the Clyde near the Village. The original suspension bridge had been further upstream, the 2nd and 3rd bridges at a location next to the Mill Wages office building, near Shuttle Row.

Did anybody attend the demolition or the opening of the new bridge?

Pictured also in better times is the 2nd bridge.

Livingston Memorial Old Foot Bridge

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  1. That bridge has left me with a life long phobia of suspension bridges and arial walkways. It used to move so much. Only when he actually walked across it did my husband understand where my terror came from. I always had to shut my eyes and hang on for dear life.

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